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PSA: This is not Laura choosing Carmilla over Danny. This is Laura choosing herself and her own agency over any sort of “but i needs must protect you” bullshit.


Hey guys, 

I’ve seen a lot of people feeling like their Laura/Danny ship hopes have been completely crushed, but it felt a lot more like Laura was saying they wouldn’t be good together right now. Just because this second their needs are running counter to one another instead of parallel doesn’t mean all hope is lost. People grow, people change, in the future they might be able to give and take a bit more. Laura likes Danny and Danny likes Laura, and the things that are stopping them from being an item right now are the same things they like about each other. Laura’s choosing herself because that’s what she needs right now. Danny is cool enough to back off and give her that space even though it’s killing her inside. 

This isn’t the end so much as the foundation for something that could come in the future. If they had gotten together before this, it would have ended up being a toxic relationship. So as much as this hurts Danny and Laura and us right now, it’s not necessarily bad. Think of it as growing pains; if this hadn’t happened, the ship definitely would have been sunk before it even really got going. Now it has a chance. 


Jesus guys, can we talk about episode 24? Lord, I’m a big weenie and had to pause three billion times and run downstairs and back up like 6 times (Carmilla keeps you fit) for not even 4 minutes of content but boy was it so freaking powerful.

Damn, I love Danny with all my big gay heart, I do but I loved seeing this scene, seeing Laura have agency and man tell her without any shadow of a doubt “I really like you but you’re doing something wrong and enough of that.”

This protectiveness, this “I decide things for you.” thing is romanticized and used time and time again and frankly I kinda hate it. 

If I had a Euro for every time I saw it in fics or even in published lesbian novels, and I mean by queer ladies for queer ladies ( though here you’ll find all kinds of kickass books full of queer ladies of every flavour) kinda deal the big, tall protector and her little lady ( normally a blonde and brunette but thats another discussion) I’d be veritably rich right now.

And funny enough while we seem to have grown to dislike that when its a guy doing that to a girl, apparently we are still super ok with seeing that when two ladies are involved, judging by the sheer volume of such narratives I see.

It would have been easy for the freaking kickass writers do the same in Carmilla but they go above and beyond and gave Laura, tiny way in over her head freshman Laura, full on damn agency and had her call out someone she really cares about and admires and has a lady boner the size of the moon for.

This whole wow so sexy, very overprotective thing is something that doesn’t sit right with me and of course one’s mileage may vary on this but it’s good being shown something different.

I, for one, applaud the writing team for the way they handled this, 10/10 would super recommend and Elise Bauman and Sharon Belle that delivered it with such freaking mad skills I’m still can’t even-ing here.

One very feels murdered creampuff,

Wolfie out.


"I LOVE how many queer female characters this show has but it bothers me how the fandom has automatically labelled them all as ‘gay,’ erasing the possibility that they could be bi/pan/whatever else."


"I LOVE how many queer female characters this show has but it bothers me how the fandom has automatically labelled them all as ‘gay,’ erasing the possibility that they could be bi/pan/whatever else."

Emphasis on TALL Gay Danny

  • Laura: Look, she's nodding! That's a nod.
  • Me: Thanks, I couldn't tell from all the way down here.


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Sorry that my making my own decisions and being reckless is making it hard for you to do your job.

I didn’t mean it like that.

Yes you did!


But I don’t need a dad.


"me and you need different things"


Whatever you do…


…don’t imagine what Danny did after she left Laura’s room.

Don’t imagine her holding in everything with an ever present: “don’t you dare cry, don’t you dare fucking cry” even as tears start falling and she just can’t help it because dammit she did it again.

(Don’t imagine overprotective Danny chasing girls away her whole life because her heart is as big as she is, and most girls can’t handle how strongly she feels everything).

Don’t imagine her running as fast as she can, until her legs hurt, and getting to the Summer Society Lodge begging to be left alone and just destroying herself with any physical activity she can, until her sisters tell her to let up. Don’t imagine Danny ignoring them and punching the bag just one more time.

Don’t imagine Danny Lawrence collapsing, exhausted and curling into a ball much too small to belong to so big a woman.

Whatever you do, don’t imagine a heartbroken Danny Lawrence.


hotladypants replied to your post “I need to TALK ABOUT THIS! Can we all just stand up and applaud the…”

Yes - I saw a lot of people praising Danny’s “protectiveness” when it would come off as stifling were it gender flipped. Danny’s not gone yet though. She’s part of the gang. Kudos to Jordan!

Look at this important information people! She knows what’s up.


Can we all just stand up and applaud the Carmilla writers for stepping (and jumping) on the familiar girl-needs-to-be-saved-trope! Laura is fully capable of taking care of herself and she knows what’s best for her.
Thank you. I love you guys. We NEED this. We WANT this. And we latch on to it like Carmilla wants to latch onto Laura. I was fist pumping all the way through!

I was also on the verge of tears.

Because I do love Danny. I feel for her and I understand her need to protect someone she cares about. It’s very easy to go about it all wrong. She just needs a little guidance because what she’s been doing until now is NOT the way to go. She better step up her game. I still think there’s a chance.

And now, Carmilla. It’s proably time to make a move. Though I hope they let things cool down a bit. Put some cards on the table. They’re sorely needed.



Optical Target Path: LaFerry Hand Hold.


Optical Target Path: LaFerry Hand Hold.

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